Finwin Technologies
On August 1, Minsk joined the World Legal Summit, which was held simultaneously in more than 30 countries around the world.
In Belarus, the official organizer of the event was the Minsk Legal Hackers community. They managed together leading speakers in one venue, organize an open discussion, and arrange conditions for fruitful networking, where lawyers, investors, IT and GameDev communities, as well as non-standard media, were invited.
On this day, lawyers from the USA, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many other countries shared their experiences with colleagues and discussed new approaches in the IT business.
Topical and useful were the discussions of the legal consequences of the emergence of virtual reality, the reliability of the information, data security.
Dzmitry Lapo (CTO "Finwin Technologies") made a panel discussion on Cyber Track: digital identity, public video surveillance, violation of personal data protection, and electronic evidence in cybercrimes. Dzmitry Lapo as well shared his experience on data security on the Internet, having spoken about the proper collection and storage of user data. Besides, during the panel discussion, the problem of information leakage was touched upon.


    World Legal Summit 2019, Minsk, Belarus