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FinWin Technologies is excited to participate in the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) Dubai on October 23 – 24, 2019. At the prestigious event, we will present two new startup solutions that utilize blockchain technology to provide cutting-edge results for today's financial businesses. WBS Dubai is the perfect arena to showcase our new solutions, including ChainGraph and Shen. launched earlier this year, providing a one-of-a-kind solution for smart contract analytics. The current product is based on the Ethereum blockchain, but this solution is going to be scaled to other blockchains in future. With, you can better understand the audience of your DApp. While collecting data is important, it only provides one piece of the puzzle. Our solution offers the additional tools you need to understand your data.
Heatmaps illustrate the times of day when you receive calls to your DApp, and you can track the number of users of your DApp for certain time ranges. You can analyze the methods of your DApp that are the most popular and view an interactive graph to see all agents that interacted with your DApp.
The key metrics provided by are easy to understand and practical to apply to your business. Our goal in creating this solution was to provide a way for you to increase earnings on your DApp and stand a better chance of market saturation. You can view which users bring the most profit, calling methods that received the most Etheramount, user retention, and revenue at each stage of your analyzed period.
We also understand that your DApp security is a top priority. For this reason, we have eliminated any technical risks through the use of cutting-edge tools to inspect the smart contract code. With, you are always informed about your DApp, and you can access an app that is easy and convenient to use.
Our second startup solution, Shen, seeks to provide non-professional investors with the technology and information they need for successful investments. Non-professional investors face a variety of challenges, including a lack of knowledge in which assets to invest, when to buy and sell, how to build a balanced portfolio, and regulations.
Currently in the prototype stage, Shen seeks to solve the issues non-professional investors encounter by providing a cryptocurrency portfolio strategy builder. The business uses a subscription model for SaaS for finance institutions and private equity firms. Shen will incorporate public crypto indexes, custom user indexes, rebalancing of portfolios, and back tests to offer the information and support non-professional investors need for optimal results.
We are proud to present our new solutions at the World Blockchain Summit for our peers in the financial technology industry. WBS Dubai is an incredible event that brings together blockchain experts, developers, and senior-level professionals to network and discuss solutions.
FinWin Technologies creates top-of-the-line products developed at the highest quality. Our team of specialists and our sophisticated technologies enable us to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with our financial technology solutions. We are committed to putting our customers first and changing the world for the better by supporting new ideas and applying the most efficient technologies.


FinWin Technologies set to present new blockchain solutions at WBS Dubai