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During the past few years, we could see how Samsung Electronics got into a mission to expand geography along with the Samsung Startup Membership Program. Along with that, Samsung is getting into partnerships with many companies to empower the unique concepts and innovative products that they have.

The Samsung Startup Membership Program

On the month of May, 2019, Samsung Startup Membership program was introduced to Russia. Russia has a better potential and Samsung wanted to expand their horizons by introducing this program to the Russian market. Inspiration that Samsung received while working with startups in Estonia played a major role behind the decision that was taken to introduce the membership program to the big neighbor, Russia. Along with this expansion, Samsung is looking forward to provide expertise in the development of new technologies as well as the commercialization of them. In addition to that, Samsung is offering consulting support to all the aspiring young entrepreneurs, who have a vision to go ahead and develop excellent business solutions. Samsung Startup Membership Program has been able to maintain a rich reputation throughout the recent past by helping companies to ensure product enhancements. We will be able to see that in the upcoming years as well.
The latest summit of Samsung Startup Membership Program took place on 11-12 November. Applications were open for startups to go ahead and submit their ideas on products and take part in this program.

How FinWin Technologies got the most out of Samsung Startup Membership Program

FinWin Technologies is always looking for new opportunities to make sure that their products grow and cater the needs of people who are in need. While working on a mission to achieve that, FinWin Technologies invited to Samsung Startup Membership in Moscow to present ChainGraph as the only blockchain solution in the event.
ChainGraph can simply be defined as a cutting edge solution available for the analysis of smart contracts. It is one of the best solutions of Blockchain technology that you can discover out there. ChainGraph would gather data related to all the transactions that are located on the DApp. Then it will convert all the information that it has gathered into relevant knowledge, so that businesses can make better decisions.
ChainGraph is now released to the market. the solution have been tested with some partners. In the meantime, some new and innovative features are added into the platform as well.
One of the primary objectives of ChainGraph is to help businesses such as decentralized finance platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges and other related platforms to get a better understanding about the audience. In order to do that, the businesses keep on collecting data. They spend a lot of time and effort to obtain the figures as well. However, that will only be 50% of the battle. It is important for the businesses to use additional tools to analyze data gathered and come up with better outcomes. Otherwise, it will not be possible for a business to get a better understanding about customers. That's where ChainGraph comes into play.
ChainGraph can be used by a business to track the increase in total number of users in the DApp within a given time period. On the other hand, business owners are provided with the opportunity to study the heat map, which is indicating the total number of calls that were made throughout the day. On top of that, ChainGraph can be used effectively to analyze the requests that are being received to the DApp in every time interval of the day as well. This can be calculated for a certain period of time.
When ChainGraph is implemented, businesses will be provided with an excellent opportunity to flourish. That's because the business owners will be able to get better insights on important business data. Then they will be able to leverage all the data that they have to end up with better outcomes at the end of the day.

How FinWin Technologies will be able to take ChainGraph to the next level with SSM

FinWin Technologies presented ChainGraph at the Samsung Startup Membership program to many investors and industry experts. Along with that, FinWin Technologies could gather some valuable feedback. Along with that feedback, FinWin Technologies will be able to launch a better product and make sure that it can cater the needs of business owners in an efficient manner. This would heavily contribute towards the success of ChainGraph in the long run as well.
FinWin Technologies got the chance to learn the corporate culture and the ecosystem of Samsung Electronics during the program as well. Along with that, the experts from FinWin Technologies were able to collaborate with Samsung Electronics for reaching both global and local markets. This can help them to enhance the popularity of ChainGraph in local and global markets soon after the launch.
Samsung is a global leader in the industry. It provided a lot of influence to FinWin Technologies and helped the company to get a better understanding on how to move forward and capitalize the strengths. In addition to that, FinWin Technologies got the chance to figure out potential investment opportunities. These investments can be used to take the ChainGraph developments to the next level and make sure that a perfect product is released to the market at the end of the day.
On top of everything, FinWin Technologies was able to make sure that they are getting support from the experts at Samsung research center in Russia in preparing proposals.
As of now, FinWin Technologies is working on these new opportunities. Hence, we will be able to see a better version of ChainGraph being released to the public with enhanced features.


    FinWin Technologies take part in Samsung Startup Membership to take ChainGraph to the next level