Finwin Technologies
FinWin Technologies is one of the most impressive startups in the technology domain. Within a short period of time, company has been able to get its hands on multiple domains and business opportunities. In the meantime, FinWin Technologies is continuously seeking new opportunities as well. That's the main reason on why they came up with the decision to take part in Samsung Startup Membership Program in Moscow, Russia.

While taking part in The Samsung Startup Membership Program, FinWin Technologies could expose them to a variety of new opportunities. Representatives from the company met numerous prominent figures from the industry as well. Out of them, Jin Wook Lee, who is the CEO of Samsung Research Russia was one of the most prominent contacts made.

Along with the contact made, Jin Wook Lee decided to pay a visit to one of the FinWin Technologies with the objective of getting to know about the company and its offerings. He then made the decision to visit the company's office on Monday, 25th of November. In fact, he visited the office, which is located in Minsk, Belarus.

Primary objective behind the visit of Jin Wook Lee to the office of FinWin Technologies was to get a better understanding about the company. He was presented with a clear picture of FinWin Technologies during the visit. It helped him to clarify all the doubts that he had in mind about the company.

During the visit, Jin Wook Lee got the opportunity to enhance the overall understanding that he had about products and projects that FinWin Technologies were working on. Some of the projects blew his mind. Coingraph project was a perfect example for such an initiative. Coingraph is a unique and an innovative solution, which has been developed for smart contract analysis. It focuses on the analysis of smart contracts within Ethereum blockchain. This app has the ability to gather data on all the transactions that take place related to business. As of now, Coingraph is being tested and Jin Wook Lee got the chance to go through a comprehensive demonstration. In addition to that, he could also see how the app is being tested by the QA team at FinWin Technologies to make sure that a quality product is released to the market at the end of the day.

Jin Wook Lee spent a good couple of hours along with the team members at FinWin Technologies. It helped him to get a better understanding about the aspiring team that is driving the mission of the company forward. On top of that, the company presentation impressed Jin Wook Lee. It tempted him to go ahead and discuss more about future opportunities along with the team. The upcoming project opportunities were then analyzed. This visit would definitely open up to new collaborative projects in the future and it would help FinWin Technologies to reach better heights. Therefore, we can see the company moving to a whole new level in the near future.


Jin Wook Lee visits FinWin Technologies and have meaningful discussions to open up new partnership opportunities