Finwin Technologies
Fintech Abu Dhabi is the leading Fintech and Financial event of MENA. Fintech companies, startups, investors and domain experts from all around the world visited Abu Dhabi for this year's event, which took place from 21st to 23rd of October. Those were three productive days, where hundreds and thousands of connections were made to secure new opportunities. As per the statistics, more than 5,000 attendees took part in this year's event.
As an inspiring startup in the Fintech domain, Finwin Technologies got the opportunity to take part in this year's Fintech Abu Dhabi event. It provided the team with numerous opportunities to expand in the future. It was one of the best opportunities that the team could secure in the recent past. They got the most out of three days and made sure that they will be able to take the startup to the next level within the upcoming months.

A quick overview of Finwin Technologies

Before we proceed, let's take a quick look at Finwin Technologies and take a look at the products and services offered by the team. Finwin Technologies is an up and coming company in the IT industry, which focuses on the development of neo-banking product lines. Along with that, the team is known to offer first class IT services to the people or businesses in need.
One of the strengths behind Finwin Technologies is that they have got a team of experts, who have plenty of knowledge and expertise in the Fintech industry. Along with that, the team is currently focusing on multiple initiatives, which include digital wallets, online exchanges, Fintech platforms, KYC services, AML services and other related custom developments.
Within a relatively short time period, Finwin Technologies has been able to unlock many new opportunities. They are looking forward to continue that momentum. That's the main reason why an investment was made to take part in Fintech Abu Dhabi 2019.

Presenting Shen

One of the main objectives for Finwin Technologies to take part in Fintech Abu Dhabi was to present Shen, which is one of the biggest initiatives that the team is currently working on.
Shen is a unique and an impressive Fintech product, which has the ability to cater the needs of non-professional investors. The non-professional investors, who look for the most lucrative investment opportunities will be able to take a look at Shen. That's because Shen provides them with the opportunity to go ahead with their cryptocurrency investments.
One of the biggest challenges that non-professional investors face is lack of domain knowledge. Due to the same reason, they are not capable of understanding when they should buy assets and when they should sell assets. Along with that, they face a variety of challenges at the time of building a balanced portfolio, while adhering to all the regulations that exist out there. Shen is in a position to provide a great overall assistance to the non-professional investors with overcoming these issues.
The primary objective of Shen is to provide non-professional investors with a cryptocurrency portfolio strategy builder. In order to that, Shen is using a SaaS based model, where private equity firms and finance institutions can access. Shen will be incorporating custom user indexes, public crypto indexes, back tests and rebalancing of portfolios in order to provide support and information that non-professional investors would need in order to go ahead with their investment activities. It can guarantee to provide them with optimal results at the end of the day as well.
This is a unique and an innovative concept, which can address most of the challenges that non-professional investors would face. Along with that, it is possible to get the non-professional investors venture into new and exciting investment opportunities as well.
Finwin Technologies could present this innovative solution in this year's FinTech Abu Dhabi. It got the attention of many Fintech enthusiasts and investors. They were happy to share positive feedback on this initiative, along with suggestions for improvement. In general, the Finwin Technologies team who took part in the event could receive positive feedback from all parties that were introduced to Shen.
Finwin Technologies could also develop some connections, which will help the team to take Shen to the next level. As of now, the team is working along with those connections and we will soon be able to see an improved version of Shen in the future. This improved solution will be able to solve the problems of non-professional investors in even a better way.

Valuable connections made

As mentioned earlier, Finwin Technologies could also make some valuable connections with other people in the banking and Fintech industries. It was a great experience for the team to interact with them and share ideas along with knowledge. All the business cards shared with other attendees would contribute towards excellent results in the long run.
Along with experts from banking and Fintech industries, the team who represented Finwin Technologies at FinTech Abu Dhabi got the chance to meet numerous entrepreneurs and other leading figures who are contributing towards the Fintech industry. It was a true learning experience for the team, along with inspiration. The team got to know about the challenges and difficulties that entrepreneurs had to go through while building up their dreams. On the other hand, they were able to get a clear understanding about the future trends that exist in the Fintech industry as well. This provided them with a clear vision on how to move forward and secure new opportunities in the long run.

Working on the opportunities

The participation of Finwin Technologies at FinTech Abu Dhabi 2019 was a productive experience. The team was able to secure many new opportunities. As of now, they are working out on those opportunities, so that the Fintech startup will be able to expand its horizons. Therefore, we can see how a better version of Shen along with many other impressive products from Finwin Technologies would come out to the market during next few months.


Finwin Technologies secures new opportunities by taking part in FinTech Abu Dhabi 2019