Finwin Technologies
Analytical platform designed to obtain and visualize data on smart contracts


- The equivalent of Google Analytics for the blockchain ecosystem.
- Providing information about smart contracts and transactions in the Ethereum blockchain network

- The use of visualization panels and efficient elements of business infographics for all-round monitoring and analysis

- User-friendly and highly customizable interface to satisfy the needs of any user

- Providing extensive disclosure on smart contracts' users

- User can create a list of analyzed smart contracts.
- User can set unique parameters for each of analyzed smart contracts.
- Tariff plan defines the number of available smart contracts to analyze.
Analyzed Smart
- Requests to the smart contract.
- Heat map indicating the number of requests on days of the week at certain hourly intervals.
- The dynamics of the number of tokens obtained.
- Amount of funds credited to the smart contract.

Summary of Smart
Contract Statistics
- Data visualization in real time (last minute, last 10 minutes, last 20 minutes).
- Displaying detailed statistics of the smart contract (total number of requests; most called method; analysis of methods called per minute, etc).
Real -Time
- The total amount of funds raised.
- The total number of calls to the smart contract.
- Visualization of information on transactions with division into internal and external items.
- Analysis of outgoing calls from the smart contract in the form of bar chart.
Interactions - Customers
& Smart Contracts

- Diagrams displaying the number of received and transmitted Ethers and tokens.
- The possibility to convert value into USD/Eur or ETH (for tokens) at the exchange rate.
- All graphics are accompanied by tables toenhance visibility of the data.
- The possibility to filter information by displayed tokens.
- Analysis of the interaction of the exploring smart contract with other elements of the network (users
and other smart contracts).
- Graph construction for transactions and requests to smart contracts.
- Possibility to save filters for a specific user so that to return and continue the analysis later.
Interactive Graph
- The possibility to watch all the agents of a transaction graphically.
- The possibility to download all the methods called between two addresses.
- The user may give to any address or group of addresses special tags or set special color for better visibility.
- The data may be presented in plain or aggregated view.
- The solution allows registered users to configure
notification settings and change them afterwards.
- Notifications are available both for the entire account: to be notified by e-mail or telegram account, and for each smart contract view.