Finwin Technologies
EOS Plugin add-on in Chrome and Firefox allows to run EOS dApps right in browser without running a full EOS node. Open source software: work with dApps, create anonymous identities, send/receive tokens, sign transactions, etc.

EOS Plugin browser extension for has been released

The extension is compatible with different versions of the EOS blockchain and allows to sign transactions when using third-party services. In addition, when creating an account in EOS Plugin, the user does not need to enter his personal data, including email and location.

Private keys are encrypted using the sjcl library. During the signature, they are decrypted by a seed-phrase, which is stored in memory after entering the password during authentication. When importing a private key, the system automatically displays the public key.

Also, the plugin has such functions as free import and export of personal information in encrypted form, fast switching between active accounts, instant confirmation of transactions on third-party resources and the ability to group any number of EOS accounts.